Cochise County Supervisor, District 3

About Frank Antenori

Frank Antenori was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania; He joined the Army shortly after graduating from high school in 1984.

Soon after joining the Army, Frank decided he wanted to go through the rigorous process of becoming as a Green Beret. After being assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group, made famous by John Wayne in the movie “The Green Berets, Frank’s first mission was to train Afghan resistance fighters during the late 80’s to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Frank was involved in several other operations of historical significance, which included Desert Storm, a return to Afghanistan after 9-11 and invasion of Iraq in 2003, where he was recommended for the Silver Star and received a Bronze Star for Valor for destroying two enemy armored vehicles and their crews with anti-tank missiles, another light skinned vehicle with a .30 caliber machine gun.
After retiring from the Army in 2004, Frank moved to Arizona and quickly got involved in politics. In 2008 he was elected to the Arizona Legislature where he served as both a State Representative and Senator, and was a member of Senate leadership, serving in the role of Senate Majority Whip.

Frank has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a minor in Project Management from Grand Canyon University of Arizona and a pre-med degree (Bachelor of Heath Science with a minor in Biology) from Campbell University, in North Carolina.

He’s been happily married to his wife Lesley for 31 years. They have two grown sons, Frank III and Brodie. Brodie is currently serving as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army.
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